Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Week 1: 12/31--1/6/2012

The first thing I did was plan my menu and then I looked around to see what I would need at the store.

Sat: Lasagna
Sun: Lasagna
Mon: Special Tacos
Tues: Chili
Wed: Spaghetti
Thur: Hawaiian Haystacks
Fri: Homemade Pizza

Cottage Cheese
French Bread x 2

I ended up spending about $23 on Saturday and then went back on Monday and spent another $25 or so on produce at Food Town and milk and yogurt at Kroger. I think I went over this week. I did not keep track of my spending like I had planned. Plus yesterday we had a hard day at school and ended up getting frozen pizzas and going to the park. So this week is a bust. I think New Years threw me off a bit staying up late and then Tuesday trying to get school going again. This is a short work week. Next week I will put all of my receipts in one place, I need to go early and get the shopping all done and not get distracted then come home and record it all right away. This week I was distracted by Christmas clearance, plus I felt kind of spacey, I need to eat breakfast and exercise. Next week I need to plan every meal. My time is just as valuable as my money so I need to manage both better. I just have to try try again. Tomorrow is a better day, next week will be better--I can only go up from here!

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